2020/02/13 2:15:40 AM UTC

Well done, person responsible for writing the Firefox ads on the Firefox new tab page. You sound exactly like what I imagine a brand social media account sounds like.
Message from Firefox: 🤔 43% of millennials choose Valentine's Day to get engaged...That’s so weird right? BTW do you want to, like, make Firefox your default browser or whatever?

2020/02/13 2:17:37 AM UTC

Hello fellow kids, remember to swipe in... uh, whichever direction is good... I wanna say right? on Firefox!

2020/02/13 2:18:52 AM UTC

@Dee at this point it's downright normal-sounding compared to the shit you see on twitter

2020/02/13 2:20:36 AM UTC

@amphetamine oh no, the brands are evolving into resistant strains

2020/02/13 2:23:36 AM UTC

@Dee marketing is pretty amazing when it’s done right you don’t even think about them as just a corporation