2020/02/01 11:59:05 PM UTC

Google’s Recaptcha: Please select all crosswalks

Me: okay, cool, this one and this one. This other one is obviously a text that says “SLOW” and not a crosswalk.

Google’s Recaptcha: Please select all crosswalks before clicking submit.

Me: But I just did

Google’s Recaptcha: Please select all crosswalks before clicking submit.

Me: selects the SLOW sign

Google’s Recaptcha: Thanks, you’re not a robot


2020/02/02 12:00:49 AM UTC

@Dee the sad thing is that there is a browser extension which auto-solves them for you

2020/02/02 12:04:45 AM UTC

@karina Looks interesting, though the last time I manually tried an audio challenge on a recaptcha, it just straight up decided I’m a robot before playing anything

2020/02/02 1:11:19 AM UTC

@Dee we might as well go out of our way to teach their AIs the wrong things.

2020/02/02 1:11:53 AM UTC

@crash_override I mean, it’s not even interested in learning in the first place 🤷

2020/02/02 1:51:09 PM UTC

@Dee Generous... I get the "haha failed start over" variant virtually every time on first pass, with nothing like a crosswalk in sight

2020/02/02 1:52:48 PM UTC

@slowfallinward Hey, a lot of the time I get "failed, start over" even when I select everything correctly, so 🤷

2020/02/02 1:53:38 PM UTC

@Dee Yeah, feels like there are some times when it's specifically made impossible to complete in the first round...

2020/02/02 7:53:58 PM UTC

What I also find frustrating is the street designs are weird if you don't live in the US and so I spend a good deal of time trying to recognise the US version of stuff I would know if it was localised.

2020/02/02 8:02:54 PM UTC

@Dee anyone have good tips on solving recaptcha on tor browser for me it just never works I just give up and don't visit the page as soon as I see one!

2020/02/02 8:08:53 PM UTC

@radicalresilience that's generally my experience... sometimes it works after a lot of attempts, but they generally heavily penalize exit nodes

2020/02/03 4:59:16 AM UTC

On the other hand it is very human trait to compromise (or just plain lie).

Robot would just go into endless loop.

2020/02/05 8:22:31 PM UTC

@Dee Ive found if you randomly click things that aren't what it's asking for, it'll give up after 3 or 4 tries