2019/11/30 12:28:00 AM UTC

in case people need a new lesbian flag here's a design I came up with
A white flag that says "girls" on it

2019/11/30 12:28:55 AM UTC

@Dee is this flag actually white or transparent?

2019/11/30 12:29:38 AM UTC

@lerk I haven't really considered the materials engineering questions

2019/11/30 12:34:35 AM UTC

@Dee wait did something happen to the old one again

2019/11/30 12:44:53 AM UTC

@it_wasnt_arson from what I understand, the creator of the orange variant flag said some exclusionary/gatekeepy things recently, but I don't have the details and don't really want to spread rumors

2019/11/30 1:06:40 AM UTC

@Dee @it_wasnt_arson she had in the past been aphobic but she recanted because of talking to a straight ace person about her experiences.

That was why it was actually adopted, the flag existed for months prior.

2019/11/30 1:07:17 AM UTC

@Dee @it_wasnt_arson if she later did something AFTER that I have no idea about it but its not like the femme flag woman is exactly spotless either.

2019/12/01 9:58:41 AM UTC

@it_wasnt_arson @Dee so iirc the first one was made by a terf and my favorite one, the pink and orange one, that most people in search of a new flag seem to use these days, was actually created by someone who says that bi lesbians aren't valid and are in fact "offensive" to the word lesbian or whatever. not only does she gatekeep the word lesbian, but she gatekeeps the word dyke as well, calling someone out and attacking them for saying they're a dyke when they have a boyfriend. Generally she's an asshole.
Idk what to do because this whole fuckshow never ends and I just want a gosh darn flag, at this point it's exhausting

Edit: I should clarify that there are multiple people who claim some variant of the pink and orange design, and only one of them is an asshole to my knowledge, so there's a bright side there. I'll probably pick someone else's pink and orange design.