2019/09/18 2:54:58 PM UTC

I guess it's finally time to rebuild my emoji font so that the flag of France stops being the flag of French Southern and Antarctic Lands, as amusing as that is.

2019/09/18 2:55:47 PM UTC

This means I'll probably have to go poking in among thousands of pngs, because the build scripts for Noto Emoji don't like to recognize that stuff needs to be rebuilt

2019/09/18 2:56:16 PM UTC

I'm sure this really annoys the other three people who build their own emoji

2019/09/18 3:04:12 PM UTC

oh also it uses python 2.7

2019/09/18 3:08:59 PM UTC

@violet somebody did PR some changes that make the tooling work with Python 3, but it hasn't been merged yet

(that somebody doesn't work for google or anything)

2019/09/18 3:26:28 PM UTC

@trickster @Dee well, if it doesn't, then we're happy to avoid whatever uses it :3

2019/09/18 3:26:45 PM UTC

@trickster @violet Oh, it probably won't, if only to run Calibre, which will eventually expand to Emacs levels of versatility

2019/09/18 3:30:10 PM UTC

@violet @Dee to be fair, I couldn't give a toss about what version of python you're running, the only time I take up the py2.7 spiel is when devs get haughty about "getting with the times"

I completely and utterly refuse to get with the times

2019/09/18 3:34:22 PM UTC

@trickster @violet Understandable, I shall reply to you in EBCDIC from now

2019/09/18 3:35:06 PM UTC

@Dee @trickster @violet Big-endian EBCDIC with applied ROT-13. Because that's leet. ;)

2019/09/18 3:35:22 PM UTC

@trickster @violet (this was going to be one reply but the ebcdic was so intense it submitted early)

2019/09/18 3:35:23 PM UTC

@Dee @violet excuse me, my morse receiver connexion was not calibrated to receive such frequencies

2019/09/18 3:37:13 PM UTC

@trickster @Dee @violet You know Emacs is worthwhile if it takes a hindu deity to enter all the modifiers on the keyboard. Kali has like 20 hands at least, maybe she can pull this command off...